• Kurt Schuster

Youtube/Instagram 17.07.21

The start of my youtube channel was long overdue. For the last 3-4 years I was always thinking about starting something on youtube, but the right concept was missing. I did`t want to do a "camera gear review channel", or a "how to channel", or an "unbox channel". I knew, I really wanted to do something with writing or filmmaking, but for writing, I thought, it´s to boring. Also it´s too boring for me to talk about it on a regular basis.

Filmmaking was always the thing I wanted to do, but I didn`t have a concept ready, which I could market online and which ,I thought ,had a chance of being commercially succesfull. I think Omega is a project that is commercially viable with a big enough target audience tailored for the online world.

So this project gives me the opportunity to introduce myself and to get familiar with the online youtube world.

As you can see Omega is a hover car. It´s a very visual concept with lots of opportunities to market on youtube and Instagram.

Yes, Instagram. Thats the other pillar of my online presents. I will be also uploading Instagram pictures every few days, to hopefully gain some followers and to push omega forward.

Of course I have a whole storyline ready for Omega with many more characters, which I will introduce in the coming months.

Thank you for watching,


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