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"A Storm is Coming"

check out OMEGA the Comic Book

Omega RnD and Concept Design

Omega "first attack"

"Lexi the hacker-girl"

LEXI Title.jpg

"OAK7" Orphan Area K7
concept design

OAK7 Homepage.jpg

"OAK7" Orphan Area K7
proof of concept video

OMEGA race scenes (Previs)

Military Concept Hovercars

What is OMEGA?

OMEGA is a sci-fi mini series featuring a badass hovercar with the name Omega.

Where does it play?

It plays in the year 2079 in Northern America however, this date might be pushed back to the year 2031. (budgetary reasons) 

Who are the main characters?

The two main characters are Omega, as mentioned, and a hacker-girl with the name Lexi.

Who is the bad guy?

The bad guy is "OAK7".
"Orphan Area K7"

What is the story about?

Lexi gets into trouble and Omega bails her out.
Beauty and the beast concept reimagine.

What is the target audience?

Sci-fi and actionfilm lovers. Age 12 and up.
If you liked "Transformers,
you´ll like OMEGA. 

How long is the Script?

I have written a story-treatment for a 4 Part mini series.

Can I get involved?

Yes you can. Just contact me and tell me what you can bring to the table.

(3D, VFX, Production, Investment, Acting, Sound...)


Where can I follow the development stages of the project?

You can get the latest news and informations on Youtube and Instagram under...

kurt schuster film

In what language is OMEGA going to be shot?


Is there going to be a shortfilm first?

Yes, there is going to be a "proof of concept" short film to convince great, talented people to jump on board and get involved with this project.

What makes OMEGA commercially viable?

The film is full of cool looking hovercars racing and fighting eachother, with a pretty hacker girl in the middle of it. This recepie proofed to work out fine for "Transformers" and "Fast and Furious".
In this regard OMEGA is a highly commercial, fun project with a great backstory.

What is the backstory?

Omega is part of a secret agency targeting a military base called OAK7.
Lexi, a hacker girl gets through circumstance and luck in a position to be connected to a military system. This makes Lexi an asset to Omega and his agency. As Lexi gets more and more in trouble, Omega protects her. He gains her trust and with it, acces to the military computer system...

Who wrote this story?

Kurt Schuster.
I´m a german writer / director based in bavaria.

What about RnD?

I have layed the groundwork in terms of overall design, worldbuilding, flight- and fight- characteristics of omega as well as the other hovercars.
However this procces is still ongoing...
You can follow me on Youtube or Instagram to check out the progress...

Getting in contact...

Thank you for taking an interest in the story.
In this stage of the production, I´m looking forward to be talking to people interested in the project.
Just send me an email with a reel or your credentials and a brief description about who you are and what you do.

Take care


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